Tips on running experiments on topspin

Basic skills on how to run experiments on Topspin 

Below is a short description on how to run some basic tested experiments on Topspin

  • Start topspin 4.1.4

  • Type sx n (n = your sample position in the sample case) on the command line to load your sample
  • Open a folder containing a similar experiment to the one you wish to run, e.g zg30 (proton), HSQC or NOESY etc, then type edc: in the pop up window write the NAME of the folder of the new experiment and also change experiment number EXPNO. You can store several experiments under the same NAME but they need different EXPNO.

  • on the command line type rpar: read the the name of the experiment you wish to run, e.g. NOESY, proton, HSQC (icon_NOESY, icon_proton or icon_HSQC) Select this experiment from the following part /opt/topspin4.1.4/stan/nmr/par/user.

  • type getprosol on the command line (read in probe & solvent parameters)

  • type lock (and select the solvent you wish to lock)

  • type atma (and wait for the tune and matching to finish – a few seconds)

  • type topshim (wait for shim to be done - a few minutes)

  • type rga on the command line (adjust receiver gain)
  • type autogain 

  • type eda on the command line and change sw (F2) (proton e.g 20 ppm)  or  (F1) (carbon /nitrogen). Here you can also change the number of points in TD, for 2D experiments F2 is always around 4K and F1 1K for small molecules. You can also change the center position of your spectrum in NUC1, e.g typically 4.7 ppm for H2O, 118 ppm for 15N, or 100 ppm for 13C. You can also change D1 (relaxation delay) or D8 (NOESY mixing time) as well as NS (number of scans). NS can also be changed by typing ns on the commandline 

  • type zg on the command line to start the acquisition. Acquisitions started with "zg" are processed with "efp" (for 1D experiments) or "xfb" (for 2D experiments). To do this during an ongoing acquisition you need to type "tr" first
  • to start processing of 2D data during an ongoing experiment: "tr" then "proc2d y"

  • to remove your sample from the magnet: "sx ej" on the command line 

  • type exit on the command line to exit topspin
  • log out from your account

Last modified: 2022-03-07