Publications using the NMR Uppsala infrastructure

1-Phospha-Butadienes and 1H-Phospholes via Alkynylation of Acetylenic Phosphaalkenes 
M. Anwar Shameem, A. Kumar Gupta, M. Erdelyi, A. Orthaber 
Chempluschem 2023, 88, e202300054.

Redox-site accessibility of composites containing a 2D redox-active covalent organic framework: from optimization to application
T. Gunther, K. Oka, S. Olsson, M. Ahlen, N. Tohnai, R. Emanuelsson
J. Mater. Chem. A 2023, Advance Article.

Chemoselective bicyclobutane-based mass spectrometric detection of biological thiols uncovers human and bacterial metabolites
A. Kaur, W. Lin, V. Dovhalyuk, L. Driutti, M. L. Di Martino, M. Vujasinovic, J. M. Lohr, M. E. Sellin, D. Globisch
Chem. Sci. 2023, 14, 5291-5301.

Numerical simulation of peristalsis to study co-localization and intestinal distribution of a macromolecular drug and permeation enhancer
B. Naranjani, P. D. Sinko, C. A. S. Bergstrom, A. Gogoll, S. Hossain, P. Larsson
Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 2023, 240, 124388.

Antibacterial eremophilane sesquiterpenoids from Xylaria feejeensis, an endophytic fungi of the medicinal plant Geophila repens
S. Rajendran, L. P. Robertson, L. Kosgahakumbura, C. Fernando, U. Goransson, H. Wang, C. Hettiarachchi, S. Gunasekera
Fitoterapia 2023, 167, 105496.

Simulation Reveals the Chameleonic Behavior of Macrocycles
D. Sethio, V. Poongavanam, R. Xiong, M. Tyagi, D. Duy Vo, R. Lindh, J. Kihlberg 
J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2023, 63, 138-146.

Sappanin-type homoisoflavonoids from Scilla bisotunensis Speta.: Cytotoxicity, molecular docking, and chemotaxonomic significance
S. H. Ghoran, O. Firuzi, S. Pirhadi, O. M. Khattab, H. R. El-Seedi, A. R. Jassbi
J. Mol. Struct. 2023, 1273, 134326.

Screening for Cyclotides in Sri Lankan Medicinal Plants: Discovery, Characterization, and Bioactivity Screening of Cyclotides from Geophila repens
S. Rajendran, B. Slazak, S. Mohotti, T. Muhammad, A. A. Stromstedt, M. Kapusta, E. Wilmowicz, U. Goransson, C. M. Hettiarachchi, S. Gunasekera
J. Nat. Prod. 2023, 86, 52-65.

Macrocyclic Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids and Silphiperfolanol Angelate Esters from Solanecio mannii
D. Umereweneza, Y. Atilaw, S. Peintner, A. Rudenko, C. Bourgard, R. Xiong, T. Muhizi, P. Sunnerhagen, A. Gogoll, M. Erdelyi
Eur J. Org. Chem. 2023, e202201280.

Crotofolane Diterpenoids and Other Constituents Isolated from Croton kilwae
E. T. Mahambo, C. Uwamariya, M. Miah, L. D. Clementino, L. C. S. Alvarez, G. P. D. Meztler, E. Trybala, J. Said, L. H. E. Wieske, J. S. Ward, K. Rissanen, J. J. E. Munissi, F. T. M. Costa, P. Sunnerhagen, T. Bergstrom, S. S. Nyandoro, M. Erdelyi
J. Nat. Prod. 2023, 86, 380-389.

Going Viral: An Investigation into the Chameleonic Behavior or Antiviral Compounds
L. H. E. Wieske, Y. Atilaw, V. Poongavanam, M. Erdelyi, J. Kihlberg
Chem. Eur. J.  2022, e202202798

Linker-Dependent Folding Rationalizes PROTAC Cell Permeability
V. Poongavanam, Y. Atilaw, S. Siegel, A. Giese, L. Lehmann, D. Meibom, M. Erdelyi, J. Kihlberg
J. Med. Chem. 2022, 65, 13029-13040.

Polyoxygenated cyclohexene derivatives and flavonoids from the leaves of Uvaria pandensis
G. Maeda, P. J. Gilissen, C. Bourgard, J. van der Wal, J. J. E. Munissi, S. S. Nyandoro, M. Erdelyi
Fitoterapia 2022, 158, 105170.

The dynamic properties of a nuclear coactivator binding domain are evolutionarily conserved
E. Karlsson, F. A. Sorgenfrei, E. Andersson, J. Dogan, P. Jemth, C. N. Chi
Commun. Biol. 2022, 5, 286.

Modified ent-Abietane Diterpenoids from the Leaves of Suregada zanzibariensis
T. M. Kalenga, J. T. Mollel, J. Said, A. Orthaber, J. S. Ward, Y. Atilaw, D. Umereweneza, M. M. Ndoile, J. J. E. Munissi, K. Rissanen, E. Trybala, T. Bergstrom, S. S. Nyandoro, M. Erdelyi 
J. Nat. Prod. 2022, 85, 2135-2141.

Metabolomic profile and in vitro evaluation of the cytotoxic activity of Asphodelus microcarpus against human malignant melanoma cells A375 
D. A. Abosedera, S. A. Emara, O. A. S. Tamam, O. M. Badr, S. A. M. Khalifa, H. R. El-Seedi, M. S. Refaey 
Arab. J. Chem. 2022, 15, 104174.

A stable cyclized antimicrobial peptide derived from LL-37 with host immunomodulatory effects and activity against uropathogens 
J. K. White, T. Muhammad, E. Alsheim, S. Mohanty, A. Blasi-Romero, S. Gunasekera, A. A. Stromstedt, N. Ferraz, U. Goransson, A. Brauner 
Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 2022, 79, 411.

Solution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of bacterial outer membrane proteins in natively excreted vesicles using engineered Escherichia coli 
M. Mouhib, C. N. Chi 
MicrobiologyOpen 2022, 11, e1302.

Characterization of a porphyrin-functionalized conducting polymer: A first step towards sustainable electrocatalysis 
F. Zaar, S. Olsson, R. Emanuelsson, M. Strømme, M. Sjödin 
Electrochim. Acta 2022, 424.

Importance of Binding Site Hydration and Flexibility Revealed When Optimizing a Macrocyclic Inhibitor of the Keap1-Nrf2 Protein-Protein Interaction 
F. Begnini, S. Geschwindner, P. Johansson, L. Wissler, R. J. Lewis, E. Danelius, A. Luttens, P. Matricon, J. Carlsson, S. Lenders, B. Konig, A. Friedel, P. Sjo, S. Schiesser, J. Kihlberg 
J. Med. Chem. 2022, 65, 3473-3517.

Photophysical characterization and fluorescence cell imaging applications of 4-N-substituted benzothiadiazoles 
S. Doloczki, K. O. Holmberg, I. Fdez Galvan, F. J. Swartling, C. Dyrager 
RSC Adv 2022, 12, 14544-14550.

Halogen bond activation in gold catalysis 
H. Freyer Jónsson, D. Sethio, J. Wolf, S.M. Huber, A. Fiksdahl, M. Erdelyi 
ACS Catalysis 2022, 12, 7210-7220.

Structural Characterization of a Thorarchaeota Profilin Indicates Eukaryotic-Like Features but with an Extended N-Terminus
R. Inturi, S. Lara, M. Derweesh, C. N. Chi 
Adv. Biology 2022, e2101323.

Catalytic Asymmetric β-Oxygen Elimination
C. Matt, A. Orthaber, J. Streuff
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2022, 61, e202114044.

Do 2-coordinate iodine(I) and silver(I) complexes form nucleophilic iodonium interactions (NIIs) in solution?
S. Wilcox, D. Sethio, J. S. Ward, A. Frontera, R. Lindh, K. Rissanen, M. Erdelyi
Chem. Commun. 2022, 58, 4977-4980.

Polyoxygenated cyclohexene derivatives and flavonoids from the leaves of Uvaria pandensis
G. Maeda, P. J. Gilissen, C. Bourgard, J. van der Wal, J.J.E. Munissi, S.S. Nyandoro, M. Erdelyi
Fitoterapia 2022, 158, 105170.

Spatial Distribution and Stability of Cholinesterase Inhibitory Protoberberine Alkaloids from Papaver setiferum
N. Safa, T. Trobec, D. C. Holland, B. Slazak, E. Jacobsson, J. A. Hawkes, R. Frangez, K. Sepcic, U. Goransson, L. W. K. Moodie, L. P. Robertson
J. Nat. Prod. 2022, 85, 215–224.

A new β-hydroxydihydrochalcone from Tephrosia uniflora, and the revision of three β-hydroxydihydrochalcones to flavanones
C. Chepkirui, C. Bourgard, P.J. Gilissen, A. Ndakala, S. Derese, Y. Gütlin, M. Erdelyi, A. Yenesew
Fitoterapia 2022, 158, 105166.

NMR Backbone Assignment of VIM-2 and Identification of the Active Enantiomer of a Potential Inhibitor
L.H.E. Wieske, J. Bogaerts, A.A.M. Leding, S. Wilcox, A. Andersson Rasmussen, K. Leszczak, L. Turunen, W.E. Herrebout, M. Hubert, A. Bayer, M. Erdelyi 
ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2022, 13, 257-261.

Metallo-β-Lactamase Inhibitor Phosphonamidate Monoesters
K. Palica, M. Vorácová, S. Skagseth, A. Andersson Rasmussen, L. Allander, M. Hubert, L. Sandegren, H. K. Schrøder Leiros, H.  Andersson, M. Erdelyi
ACS Omega 2022, 7, 4550-4562.

Pushing the limits of characterising a weak halogen bond in solution
S. Peintner, M. Erdelyi 
Chem. Eur J. 2022, 28, e202103559.

Synthesis, Characterization and Computational Evaluation of Bicyclooctadienes Towards Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage
M. Quant, M., A.E. Hillers-Bendtsen, S. Ghasemi, S., M. Erdelyi, Z. Wang, L. Musherefa Muhammad, N. Kann, K.V. Mikkelsen, K. Moth-Poulsen 
Chem. Sci. 2022, 13, 834-841.

Barrettides: A Peptide Family Specifically Produced by the Deep-Sea Sponge Geodia barretti 
K. Steffen, Q. Laborde, S. Gunasekera, C. D. Payne, K. J. Rosengren, A. Riesgo, U. Goransson, P. Cardenas 
J. Nat. Prod. 202184, 3138-3146.

Oxygenated cyclohexane derivatives from the stem and root barks of Uvaria Pandensis
G. Maeda, P.J. Gilissen, A. Rudenko, A., J. van der Wal, C. Bourgard, A.K. Gupta, P. Sunnerhagen, J.J.E. Munissi, S.S. Nyandoro, M. Erdelyi 
J. Nat. Prod. 2021, 84, 3080-3089.

Marine organisms: Pioneer natural sources of polysaccharides/proteins for green synthesis of nanoparticles and their potential applications
N. Yosri, S. A. M. Khalifa, Z. M. Guo, B. J. Xu, X. B. Zou, H. R. El-Seedi
Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 2021, 193, 1767-1798.

Antiviral iridoid glycosides from Clerodendrum myricoides
D. Umereweneza, J.T. Molel, J. Said, Y. Atilaw, T. Muhizi, E. Trybala, T. Bergström, A. Gogoll, A., M. Erdelyi
Fitoterapia 2021, 155, 105055.

Are bis(pyridine)iodine(I) complexes applicable for asymmetric halogenation?
D. von der Heiden, F. Boróka Németh, M. Andreasson, D. Sethio, I. Pápai, M. Erdelyi ​
Org. Biomol. Chem. 2021, 19, 8307-8323.

The influence of secondary interactions on the [N-I-N]+ halogen bond
S. Lindblad, F.  Boróka Németh, T. Földes, D. von der Heiden, H.G. Vang, Z.L. Driscoll, E.R. Gonnering, I. Pápai, I.N. Bowling, M. Erdelyi​
Chem. Eur. J.  202127, 13748-13756.

Heimdallarchaea encodes profilin with eukaryotic-like actin regulation and polyproline binding  S. Survery, F. Hurtig, S.R. Haq, J. Eriksson, L. Guy, K.J. Rosengren, A.C. Lindås, N.C. Chi, Communications Biology 4, 1024 2021.

Influence of detergent and lipid composition on reconstituted membrane proteins for structural studies. M. Mouhib, A. Benediktsdottir, S.C. Nilsson, N.C. Chi, ACS Omega2021, https;//

Probing halogen bonds by scalar couplings
B. Jimmink, D. Sethio, L. Turunen, D. von der Heiden, M. Erdelyi
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021143, 10695-10699.

NMReDATA: Tools and applications
S. Kuhn; L.H.E. Wieske; P. Trevorrow; D. Schober; N.E. Schlörer; J.M. Nuzillard; P. Kessler; J. Junker; A. Herráez; C. Farés; M. Erdelyi; D. Jeannerat
Magn. Res. Chem. 2021, 59, 792-803.

Modulating Photoswitch Performance with Halogen, Coordinative and Hydrogen Bonding: A Comparison of Relative Bond Strengths
S. Lindblad; D. Sethio; O. Berryman, M. Erdelyi, M.
Chem. Commun. 2021, 57, 6261-6263.

Non-Uniform Sampling for NOESY? A case study on spiramycin
L. H. E Wieske, M. Erdelyi
Magn. Res. Chem. 2021, 59, 723-737.

Sulfur Oxidation Increases the Rate of HIRE-Type [1.4]Thiazepinone Ring Expansion and Influences the Conformation of a Medium-Sized Heterocyclic Scaffold
E. Reutskaya; A. Sapegin; S. Peintner; M. Erdélyi; M. Krasavin
J. Org. Chem.  2021, 86, 5778-5791

Biflavanones, Chalconoids, and Flavonoid Analogues from the Stem Bark of Ochna holstii
T.M. Kalenga, M.M. Ndoile, Y. Atilaw, P.J. Gilissen, J.J.E Munissi, A. Rudenko, C. Bourgard, P. Sunnerhagen, S.S. Nyandoro, M. Erdélyi
J. Nat. Prod. 2021, 84, 364-372.

Chemoselective and Highly Sensitive Quantification of Gut Microbiome and Human Metabolites
W. F. Lin, L. P. Conway, M. Vujasinovic, J. M. Lohr, D. Globisch
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 23232-23240.

Antibacterial and cytotoxic biflavonoids from the root bark of Ochna kirkii
T.M. Kalenga, M.M. Ndoile, Y. Atilaw, J.J.E. Munissi, P.J. Gilissen, A. Rudenko, C. Bourgard, P. Sunnerhagen, S.S. Nyandoro, M. Erdélyi, Fitoterapia 2021, 151, 104857.

Structure and mechanism of phage-encoded SAM lyase revises catalytic function of enzyme family. X. Guo, A. Söderholm, S. Kanchugal P, G. V Isaksen, O. Warsi, U. Eckhard, S. Trigüis, A. Gogoll, J. Jerlström-Hultqvist, J. Åqvist, D. I Andersson, M. Selmer, eLife 2021;10:e61818 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.61818.

Antiplasmodial and antileishmanial flavonoids from Mundulea sericea
C. Chepkirui, P.J. Ochieng, B. Sarkar, A. Hussain, C. Pal, L.J. Yang, P. Coghi, H.M. Akkala, S. Derese, A. Ndakala, M. Heydenreich, V.K.W. Wong, M. Erdélyi, A. Yenesew,
Fitoterapia 2021149, 104796.

Employing complementary spectroscopies to study the conformations of an epimeric pair of side-chain stapled peptides in aqueous solution
J. Bogaerts, Y. Atilaw, S. Peintner, R. Aerts, J. Kihlberg, C. Johannessen, M. Erdélyi, 
RSC. Adv. 2021, 11, 4200-4208.

Antibacterial and cytotoxic prenylated dihydrochalcones from Eriosema montanum
D. Umereweneza, Y. Atilaw, A. Rudenko, Y. Gütlin, C. Bourgar, A. K. Gupta, A. Orthaber, T. Muhizi, P. Sunnerhagen, M. Erdélyi, A. Gogoll, Fitoterapia 2021, 149, 104809.

Halogen bonds of iodonium ions: a world dissimilar to silver coordination
L. Turunen, F. Boróka Németh, D. A. Decato, I. Pápai, B. O. Berryman, M. Erdélyi, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 2021, 94, 191-196.

Unexpected Acetylation of Endogenous Aliphatic Amines by Arylamine N‐Acetyltransferase NAT2
L. P. Conway, V. Rendo, M.S.P. Correia, I.A. Bergdahl, T. Sjöblom, D. Globisch, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 14342-14346.

Mechanochemical Synthesis of (Hetero)Aryl Au(I) Complexes
F.L.J. Ingner, Z.X. Giustra, S. Novosedlik, A. Orthaber, P.J. Gates, C. Dyrager, L.T. Pilarski, Green Chem. 2020, 22, 5648-5655.

Mechanochemical Solvent-Free Catalytic C–H Methylation
S. Ni, M. Hribersek, S. Baddigam, F. L. J. Ingner, A. Orthaber, P. J. Gates, L. T. Pilarski, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020;

Mild and Efficient Synthesis of Diverse Organo-Au(I)-L Complexes in Green Solvents
F. L. J. Ingner, A.-C. Schmitt, A. Orthaber, P. J. Gates, L. T. Pilarski, ChemSusChem 2020; 21, 2032-2037. 

Asymmetric [N-I-N]+ halonium complexes in solution?
D. von der Heiden, K. Rissanen, M. Erdélyi, Chem. Commun.  2020, 56, 14431 -14434

Mapping the transition state for a binding reaction between ancient intrinsically disordered proteins
E. Karlsson, C. Paissoni, A.M. Erkelens,  Z.A.Tehranizadeh, F.A. Sorgenfrei, E. Andersson, W.H. Ye, C. Camilloni, P. Jemth, J. Biol. Chem. 2020295, 17698-17712

NMR resonance assignment and dynamics of proflin from Heimdallarchaeota
S. R. Haq , S. Survery , F. Hurtig , A.‑C. Lindås, C. N. Chi, Sci. Rep. 2020, 10, 15867

Solution Conformations Explain the Chameleonic Behaviour of Macrocyclic Drugs
E. Danelius, V. Poongavanam, S. Peintner, H. Wieske, M. Erdélyi, J. Kihlberg, Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 5231-5244.

Secoiridoids and Iridoids from Morinda asteroscepa
L. Zandi, M. Makungu, J. J. E. Munissi, S. Duffy, R. Puttreddy, D. von der Heiden, K. Rissanen, V. M. Avery, S. S. Nyandoro, M. Erdélyi, J. Nat. Prod. 2020, 8, 2641–2646.

An alternative approach to the hydrated imidazoline ring expansion (HIRE) of diarene‐fused [1.4]oxazepine
S. Grintsevich, A. Sapegin, E. Reutskaya, S. Peintner, M. Erdélyi, M. Krasavin, M., Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2020, 35, 5664–5676.

Symmetry of Three-Center, Four-Electron Bonds
A. C. Reiersolmoen, S. Battaglia, S. Oien-Odegaard, A. K. Gupta, A. Fiksdahl, R. Lindh, M. Erdélyi, Chem. Sci. 2020, 11, 7979-7990.

O–I–O Halogen Bond of Halonium Ions
S. Lindblad, F. Boróka Németh, T. Földes, A. Vanderkooy, I. Pápai, M. Erdélyi, Chem. Commun. 2020, 56, 9671-9674.

Sulfadiazine Masquerading as a Natural Product from Scilla
madeirensis (Scilloideae) 

L. P. Robertson, L. W. K. Moodie, D. C. Holland, K. C. Jander, U. Göransson, J. Nat. Prod. 2020, 83, 1305−1308.

Backbone Cyclization and Dimerization of LL-37-Derived Peptides Enhance Antimicrobial Activity and Proteolytic Stability
S. Gunasekera, T. Muhammad, A. A. Strömstedt, K. J. Rosengren, U. Göransson, Front. Microbiol. 2020, 11, 168.

In Vitro Performance and Chemical Stability of Lipid-Based Formulations Encapsulated in a Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonate Carrier
C. Alvebratt, T. J. Dening, M. Åhlén, O. Cheung, M. Strømme, A. Gogoll, C. A. Prestidge, C. A. S. Bergström, Pharmaceutics 2020, 12, 426.

Catalytic Activity of trans-bis(pyridine)gold Complexes
A. C. Reiersølmoen, D. Csókás, S. Oien-Odegaard, A. Vanderkooy, A. K. Gupta, A.-C. C. Carlsson, A. Orthaber, A. Fiksdahl, I. Pápai, M. Erdélyi,
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142, 6439-6446.

Oxygenated Cyclohexene Derivatives and Other Constituents from the Roots of Monanthotaxis trichocarpa
G. Maeda, J. van der Wal, A. K. Gupta, J. J. E. Munissi, A. Orthaber, P. Sunnerhagen, S. S. Nyandoro, M. Erdélyi,
J. Nat. Prod. 2020, 83, 210-215.

Arynes and Their Precursors from Arylboronic Acids via Catalytic C-H Silylation
K. Devaraj, F. L. J. Ingner, C. Sollert, P. J. Gates, A. Orthaber, L. T. Pilarski, J. Org. Chem. 201984, 5863-5871.

Chemoselective Probe for Detailed Analysis of Ketones and Aldehydes Produced by Gut Microbiota in Human Samples
L. P. Conway, N. Garg, W. Lin, M. Vujasinovic, J.-M. Löhr, D. Globisch, Chem. Comm. 201955, 9080-9083.

The mechanism of Au(III) mediated alkoxycyclisation of a 1,6-enyne.  A.C. Reiersolmoen, D. Csókás, I. Pápai, A. Fiksdahl, M. Erdélyi, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019141, 18221-18229.

Halogen Bonding Helicates Encompassing Iodonium Cations. A. Vanderkooy,  A. K. Gupta,  T. Földes,  S. Lindblad,  A. Orthaber,  I. Pápai,  M. Erdélyi, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 9012-9016.

Coupled Enzymatic Treatment and Mass Spectrometric Analysis for Identification of Glucuronidated Metabolites in Human Samples. M. S. P. Correia, M. Rao, C. Ballet, D. Globisch, CHEMBIOCHEM 2019, 20, 1678-1683.

Effect of ring size on photoisomerization properties of stiff stilbene macrocycles. S. Olsson, Ó. Benito Pérez, M. Blom, A. Gogoll, Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2019, 15, 2408-2418.

Hemoselective Probe Containing a Unique Bioorthogonal Cleavage Site for Investigation of Gut Microbiota Metabolism. N. Garg, L. P. Conway, C. Ballet, M. S. P. Correia, F. K. S. Olsson, M. Vujasinovic, J.-M. Löhr, D. l Globisch. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201957, 13805-13809.

New enzymatic and mass spectrometric methodology for the selective investigation of gut microbiota-derived metabolites. C. Ballet, M. S. P. Correia, L. P. Conway, T. L. Locher,  L. C. Lehmann, N. Garg, M. Vujasinovic, S. Deindl, ​M. Löhr, D. Globisch​, Chem. Sci. 2019, 9, 6233-6239.

Carbon’s Three-Center, Four-Electron Tetrel Bond, Treated Experimentally. ​A. Karim, N. Schulz, H. Andersson, B. Nekoueishahraki, A.-C. C. Carlsson, D. Sarabi, A. Valkonen, K. Rissanen, J. Gräfenstein, S. Keller, M. Erdélyi. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 50, 17571-17579. 

Boronic ester-linked macrocyclic lipopeptides as serine protease inhibitors targeting Escherichia coli type I signal peptidase. N. Szalaj, L. Lu, A. Benediktsdottir, E. Zamaratski, S. Cao, S., G. Olanders, C. Hedgecock, A. Karlen, M. Erdélyi, D. Hughes, S. L. Mowbray, P. Brandt, Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2018, 157, 1346-1360. 

Toward the Design of Molecular Chameleons: Flexible Shielding of an Amide Bond Enhances Macrocycle Cell Permeability. M. Tyagi, V. Poongavanam, M. Lindhagen, A. Pettersen, P. Sjö, S. Schiesser, J. Kihlberg, Org. Lett. 2018, 20, 5737–5742​.

Halogen Bond Asymmetry in Solution. S. Lindblad, K. Mehmeti, A. K. Veiga, B. Nekoueishahraki, J. Gräfenstein, M. Erdélyi, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 13503-13513. 

Exciton-Coupled Circular Dichroism Characterization of Monotopically Binding Guests in Host-Guest Complexes with a Bis(zinc porphyrin) Tweezer. S. Olsson, C. Schäfer, M. Blom, A. Gogoll, ChemPlusChem 2018, 83, 1169-1178. 

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