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2023-09-25: 17th Biomolecular NMR: Advanced Tools, Machine Learning - An advanced  hands-on PhD course (3 ECTS)
Date: 25 Sep - 29 Sep. 2023
Venue: Swedish NMR Centre, University of Gothenburg; Webinar &

2023-07-01: Welcome to the satellite meeting “NMR Methods for Biomolecules — A Deeper Dive” held on July 31, 2023 in conjunction with the EBSA Congress 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden (July 31 – August 4)

2023-05-03: SwedNMR Uppsala meeting

2022-05-05: NMR Symposium 2022; Topspin software workshop with Bruker 2022-05-04 (registration required)

2020-02-24: 2nd NMR course on biological systems.  Contact Celestine Chi (

2020-01-20: NMR Spectroscopy II roll call, 8:15 - 10:00, BMC B1:101a. Contact:

2019-10-28: NMR Symposium 2019, 2019-11-29: CSEARCH training (föranmälan krävs/registration required)

2019-10-27: MestreNova workshop  (föranmälan krävs/registration required)

2018-09-18: Uppcoming NMR course on biological systems approved!!. The course will take place from February 12th to 23th. For more information contact Celestine Chi (

2018-09-06: NMR meeting at the Swedish NMR center , Gothenburg, October 23-25. ​See details

2018-09-01: Booking for the neo500 and neo600 are now done using the new booking system (see booking calender). You will need to have an account in order to book or view existing booking. Contact Chi if you do not have an account

2018-08-31: The previous 400 MHz MercuryPlus spectrometer has been upgraded to a 400 MHz MR400-DD2 system​

2018-06-05: Oxygen level monitors are currently being installed.

2018-04-13: Inauguration of NMR Uppsala with symposium

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