How to make your booking and booking related information

A) If you already have a booking account 

  1. login into the faces booking system (link "Booking calendar")
  2. select the spectrometer which you intend to book 
  3. select start and end time 

B) If you do not have a booking account ‚Äč

  • send and email to the management ("Contact") to request an account.

Some simple rules for booking (2022-01-25)

600 MHz spectrometer may be booked:

  • Even weeks: Medfarm
  • Odd weeks: Organic chemistry

The week starts on Sunday, 8:00. Unbooked time slots in the other group's week may be booked one day in advance after approval by the management.

500 MHz spectrometer:

  • May be booked by both Organic chemistry and Medfarm

Last modified: 2022-03-07